Dental fillings are a common type of dental restoration used to treat cavities and other forms of mild tooth decay. They are most often used when decay has only affected the enamel (outermost layer) of a tooth. Dental fillings are used to restore the integrity and strength of your original tooth structure while preventing the decay from spreading further. There are many types of dental fillings available, based on your individual needs and smile goals. At Dr. Samuel Evans Jr.’s dental office, we are pleased to offer both composite (white) fillings and amalgam (silver) fillings.

Composite fillings are also known as tooth-colored or white fillings. This is because composite fillings are made from composite resin, a strong plastic that can be matched to the exact color of your tooth. Amalgam fillings, or silver fillings, are made from a mixture of metal alloys. They are more affordable and easier to apply than composite fillings. For all fillings, all tooth decay and damage is removed and then the area is disinfected. The filling material of your choice is applied and allowed to harden. Our experienced dentist, Dr. Samuel Evans Jr., will continually check your filling during subsequent appointments to ensure it is functioning properly.

We offer dental fillings in Fairmont, North Carolina as part of our effort to save your smile and improve your overall oral health. To learn more about the benefits of dental fillings, please contact us today. We are happy to answer all of your questions.